Ruby Talk Tips

Type Subject Keywords Email Posted
Language Use of Array.product array,map,flatten,&:,product 11/09/2014 Show
Language Bundle exec bundler,bundle,exec,rake,generate 01/18/2014 Show
Language Include versus Extend include,extend,mixin,instance,inheritance 11/25/2013 Show
Language 2.0 - Refinements refinements,monkey-patching,module,mix-in 11/14/2013 Show
Language 2.0 - DTrace dtrace,2.0,trace,profile,debug 11/14/2013 Show
Language 2.0 - keyword arguments keyword,arguments,hash,capture,2.0 11/14/2013 Show
Language How is @@ syntax used? syntax,aa,class,variable,__END__,token 11/12/2013 Show
Search Google Replacement search,engine,non-tracking,privacy,recommended 11/09/2013 Show
Integer Convert integer to 8 bit binary integer,convert,binary,string#% 10/15/2013 Show
String Hide user/password in a script hide,obfuscate,user,password,script,crypt 10/10/2013 Show
Class Accessing Class variables class,variable,instance,accessor.method 10/05/2013 Show
Language Partial mocking mock,partial,unneeded,mocking 10/02/2013 Show
String Default value for STDIN.gets() STDIN,gets,default,value 09/26/2013 Show
String How to remove newlines in output string,newline,remove,regexp 09/25/2013 Show
Array Sort an array of arrays array,sort,sort!, 09/22/2013 Show
File Search for a string recursively string,search,file,recursive 09/14/2013 Show
Net Net::Ping class ping,ping_system,pingable?,net 09/11/2013 Show
String Byte strings string,getbyte,setbyte,mutable,byte,array 09/08/2013 Show
Class Initialize classes without an infinite loop initialize,class,test,nil 09/01/2013 Show
Hash Convert hash hash,convert,each_with_object 08/27/2013 Show

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