Ruby Talk Tips

Type Subject Keywords Email Posted
String 1.9 inverse of String#ord string,ord,chr,encoding 05/02/2012 Show
Thread 1.9.x Thread problem thread,mutex,sleep,queue 05/02/2012 Show
Language 2.0 - DTrace dtrace,2.0,trace,profile,debug 11/14/2013 Show
Language 2.0 - keyword arguments keyword,arguments,hash,capture,2.0 11/14/2013 Show
Language 2.0 - Refinements refinements,monkey-patching,module,mix-in 11/14/2013 Show
Array A better way to randomize answers array,sample,random 05/02/2012 Show
Class Abstract classes in Ruby? abstract,class,polymorphism 05/02/2012 Show
Rails Access a dll file from Ruby on Rails rails,file,access,dll 05/02/2012 Show
Array Accessing a variable in a string array lambda,array,map,join,variable,embed 08/28/2012 Show
Variable Accessing class instance variables instance,variable,class 05/02/2012 Show
Class Accessing Class variables class,variable,instance,accessor.method 10/15/2013 Show
Version Control Accessing SVN repository through Ruby version control,svn 05/02/2012 Show
Module Accessing variables from within a module module,variable,access,instance,scope 06/19/2012 Show
String Access ruby variable from inside backticks string, interpolation,backticks,system,command 07/25/2012 Show
YAML Acessing a persistent value yaml,persistent,value,store,file,write,read 02/03/2014 Show
Time Add 10 minutes to parsed time stamp time,addition,parse 05/02/2012 Show
Integer Add an integer to a text value string,integer,add,next 08/28/2012 Show
String Add a string before splitting new line array,file,join,split,string 05/02/2012 Show
File Adding a file directory file,open,join,variable,multiple 02/18/2013 Show
Template Adding data to text file variables template,engine,text,file 05/02/2012 Show