About RubyTalkTips

Over the last couple of years, I have been collecting what I consider to be the best advice posted to the Ruby-Talk list into a mail folder of mine called Ruby Talk Tips. Since I feel that I have been the beneficiary of the advice posted there, I thought a way of giving back might be to release an open source RoR application featuring the 536 best tips I have collected thus far from the Ruby-Talk list.
Note: These tips have been selected by me and represent messages that I found to be useful or informative about Ruby and Ruby on Rails. This is not a complete list, nor does it necessarily contain the BEST nor the most accurate advice. By releasing it to the community, the hope is that this list of tips can be used, enlarged, and improved by the Ruby and RoR communities, which can make us all better programmers and bring even more understanding and clarity to this language we've all grown to love. I have taken the liberty of condensing the email tips by removing greetings, signatures and other content not directly relevant to the tip content. I have added keywords to each tip so that searches can be quick and relevant.


I've changed the default order to show the newest tips first. All of the index columns are sortable, so that you can locate tips from their type, subject, keywords, email and posted order. Currently, there are 584 tips posted and new tips are updated continuously. I encourage all members of the community to add their suggestions and tips, so that that this site grows and continues to be a valuable resource to the ruby and rails communities.
Note: When inputting a tip, and to enter the correct number into the "Reference:" field, you will need to have your email reader "display all headers" and look up the number listed as the "X-Mail-Count:". Entering the correct number will create a link that allows the user to view the original context of the message, and reference other postings to that particular thread.

Special Thanks

Special thanks must be given to some special contributors. Robert Klemme is the largest single tip contributor on my list (151 tips and counting), and the accuracy and quality of the tips he provides demonstrate his expertise along with his willingness to share his knowledge. Special contributors include folks like Ryan Davis, Brian Candler, Jesus Gabriel Galan, Josh Cheek, and the contributor known as 7stud, all of whom have 10 or more tips that have been selected for the RubyTalkTips list. Other deserving contributors include longtime community members such as James Edward Gray II, David A. Black, Jake Kaiden, Jan E., Intransition, Hassan Schroeder, and Chad Perrin.

Contributors, Developers, Translators, and Users Needed!

We need volunteers to help us maintain, expand and improve RubyTalkTips. All feedback and/or suggestions are appreciated. Please let us know how you think this project can be improved. Interested? Email us at RubyTalkTips

Rails3 project source code

Please fork away! If you come up with a great idea or improvement, please submit a pull request so worthwhile changes can be added back to the RubyTalkTips github repo.


* Database of tips related to the Ruby language
* Tips collected from ruby-talk and rubyonrails-talk email lists
* All tips are searchable by keyword
* Column sorting
* Editable (by authors of tips)
* Open posting of new tips
* Uses PostgreSQL database, enabling full text searches


* Solicit community support to add tips, comment on features, suggest improvements. (you *may* be asked to help implement your suggestions. ;-)
* Add authentication, so that only authors of tips can update/edit their tips
* Maintain search scope when sorting columns
* Add a rating systems, and allow users to rate the tips
* Incorporate links back to the original list messages
* Add SCSS formating and styling for smartphones and tablet computers
* Need translations for i18n, including Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Russian, Arabic, Portugese, Vietnamese, German, Italian, French, Farsi, Korean, Thai, Polish and other languages. (Volunteers are all needed and welcomed!)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.